Trends That Will Affect Sales Enablement This Year

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The past two years have been rough for people – both personally and professionally. Businesses were shut down, some suffered, and some continue to stay afloat due to the global pandemic. Keeping all this in mind, one might wonder what this year has in store for businesses. New research found that 40% of the reps surveyed did not know the answer to about 40% of the questions customers ask regarding the product. In this case, working to improve sales training is inevitable.

Today, we are going to take a look at some sales enablement trends that shall play a key role in 2022:

Sales Tech Uniting with Sales Enablement

Technology can play a major role in sales enablement and this began due to the switch to virtual communication. Conversation intelligence (CI) assists in driving better sales, improving results, and streamlining sales enablement training. Sales tech shall team up with top sales enablement tools to improve coaching for freeing hours (for managers) that were otherwise spent listening to calls.

Normalizing Hybrid Workplaces 

Due to the pandemic, employers all over the world made the switch to remote working in 2020. Although it was because of safety and health issues, a large number of employees enjoyed working from home. Despite this, going remote is not feasible for all business and work models. Sales, particularly require workers to have one-on-one conversations. To find a middle ground, industries shall create a hybrid workplace environment this year to facilitate employees with flexibility.

Since employees are working remotely, they shall need training and collaboration opportunities. That’s why companies should ascertain to use platforms that offer mobile access and video capabilities.

Rise of Digital Sale Rooms (DSRs)

Besides calls, the buyers and seller interactions involve the exchange of critical information. However, quite often than not, messages can get lost in inboxes which impacts buyer engagement. To prevent this, digital salesrooms would be growing in popularity to allow for collaboration between seller and buyer so both can have a smooth experience.

An effective sales enablement software like Content Camel plays a key role in recommending relevant content to a sales rep for customer engagement and driving sales. DSRs could be the place where all pertinent collateral can be accessed and found by the buyers. Sales rep and get all the relevant information and share with potential customers.

Employee Experience Will be Fundamental 

The most common reason for employees leaving their jobs for other opportunities is to fulfill their needs and grow professionally. They will not work where they are unable to fulfill these requirements. Organizations that support their staff are 5.2 prone to retaining employees. The first thing to do to support salespeople is to take their needs into account. Do they have a healthy working environment? Are they under pressure? Do they have access to updated sales material?  

When sales organizations prioritize employee experience, they are successful in retaining employees and attracting new hires as well. They can do so by creating an environment where employees can train and locate relevant content quickly and exchange information among themselves.

Evaluating ROI of Sales Enablement Shall be Critical

The past year and a half were financially difficult for organizations. They had to closely monitor expenses. Now, companies shall be finding ways to measure sales enablement’s ROI to find out if it’s effective and how it’s impacting their investment. The sales team of an organization directly impacts its bottom line. The better they are trained, the more the sales. As a result, more revenue. With the best Bigtincan alternative, Content Camel, you can rest assured of robust sales content that is bound to drive sales.

Sales Enablement Will Boost Preservation of Institutional Knowledge

Companies can preserve employee insights via video and CI using sales enablement platforms. Recording a sales expert talking about different issues or when they are on call allows companies to preserve their range of knowledge as well as customer interactions, fostering a learning environment where teams can share opportunities for training. As a result, when an experienced sales rep leaves, a company is not left stranded. A new hire can quickly learn everything due to this record of information from top performers.

These trends indicate where sales shall be going in 2022. If integrated actively and consciously, sales teams are set for success.

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